Call for sessions

The Heart of Agile Conference is a 1-day collaborative journey, inviting people  to exchange experiences on four themes,  collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve. All sectors and industries are welcome, NGO and social aid programs particularly encouraged.

Exchanges happen in four ways: general sessions, collaborative conversations, experience reports, and tutorials. Collaborative conversations and the general sessions are not seeking speakers.

Session types

We are looking for speakers for Experience Reports and Tutorials

In an Experience Report, the speaker is expected to tell a story of an experience, project or initiative with its ups and downs, and with reflection at the end as to what they conclude from that experience. Alternatively, the speaker may tell several stories to illustrate a pattern they wish to highlight.

Experience reports will be 45 minutes long. This gives the speaker time to delve into interesting details and answer questions from the audience.

In a Tutorial, the speaker is expected to pass along a particular technique to the participants. The best tutorials are hands-on in some way, so the participants get to see, feel, practice the technique a little, in order to better learn it.

Tutorials are 45 minutes long. This may be considered short for some tutorial speakers. It is best to select out a fairly specific technique or aspect of a technique, in order that the participants can learn something they can apply afterwards.

Experience reports and tutorials should illustrate one or more of the themes in the Heart of Agile:

Collaborate / Deliver / Reflect & Improve

Sessions that show the loop behavior: collaborate-reflect-improve, deliver-reflect-improve, reflect-reflect-improve, and so on, are particularly welcome. If you have an experience report or tutorial that covers more than one theme, so much the better. Simply indicate the combination you want, and the selection committee will find a home for it.

Submit your submit proposal

Use the following template for your proposal. Assume that it will be accepted and all of this will appear in the conference guide, exactly as you send it in.

Maximum 2 speakers per session.


Session proposal