Heart of Agile conference

Seeing Agile increasingly weighed down since its inception, Dr. Alistair Cockburn, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, devised the Heart of Agile to re-focus attention on the four elements that makes work effective:

The Heart of Agile Conference in Brussels will be a 1-day journey that invites people from diverse sectors to have meaningful exchanges on those four elements.


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  • Brussels
Heart of Agile Conference 2018

A Heart of Agile gathering is more than a conference with scheduled speakers. There is special attention for out-of-session social engagement between attendees. This includes pre-conference social, ongoing hallway-conversation possibilities, and evening social activities. Far from being decoration on a Heart of Agile get-together, these out-of-session engagements are core to the conference, they are what allows people to meet and exchange who otherwise might not get a chance to do that.

The exchanges are held in four formats allowing different types of exploration:

  • Plenary sessions let people listen to a key speaker and converse with their neighbours on topics of their interest.
  • Experience Reports offer first-hand information and reflection: “We saw this… We learned the following from our experience…”. Experience reports serve as an exchange opportunity for practitioners to learn from others.
  • Collaborative Conversations offer joint problem solving with other participants. A facilitated peer-topeer event, where everyone has something to contribute.
  • Tutorials provide opportunities to learn directly from experts, whether better ways to collaborate, an aspect of delivery, or some new technique.
  • Exhibition Space allows exhibitors to have specialists on hand to discuss their products and services and share industry and solution insights, and experiences.

Call for sessions

Read about the call for sessions.

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