Dr. Alistair Cockburn

dr. Alistair Cockburn

One of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto. Voted in “The All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes” for his work in Use Cases and Agile Software Development

Internationally renowned strategist, author of the Jolt award-winning Agile Software Development and Writing Effective Use Cases, he co-created the Agile Manifesto, the Declaration of Interdependence, the Agile Project Leadership Network, the International Consortium for Agile and the Heart of Agile.

Dr. Cockburn is an expert on agile development, project management, process design, use cases, and object-oriented development.

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Supporting organisers

Soledad Pinter

Soledad Pinter

Heart of Agile Delivery Partner

Agile Coach, Facilitator & Trainer

I’ve found agile out of curiosity more than ten years ago. Since then I had the opportunity to see it in motion within teams I was part of, developing and delivering products and services, even later on, as IT process improvement expert. After that I became an independant consultant and joined Agilar, to start helping people, teams and organizations to change the way they work, improving their Mondays, the same way I enjoy and love what I do every day.

Then, in 2016 I heard Alistair Cockburn talking about going back to the basics, to the Heart of Agile, that Heart with those four powerful words: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. That was my big aha moment. It challenged the way I was teaching, applying and living agility until that moment. Since then, the Heart of Agile became my driver at a personal and professional level, and a great tool to explain agile values to teams inside and outside IT and software environments.

Nowadays, I’m leading the quest to spread the word all over Latin America and Europe: speaking at conferences, sharing and collecting experiences of agile teams that apply the Heart of Agile on their daily work around the world, and also leading the collaboration effort on translating the Heart of Agile concepts, papers and website to Spanish.

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, and Improve.

I am on a journey of discovery and learning how to grow effective, resilient and agile organisations. Together we search, experiment, discover, reflect & improve how organisations can experience business agility.

I take many roles in my work – that’s why I sometimes describe myself as a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional person.

The roles, “stances” I take are a combination of … Servant Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Conflict navigator, Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Impediment remover, Change agent, Team navigator, Complexity navigator, System thinker, Social thinker