Dr. Alistair Cockburn brings to you “The Heart of Agile”, the core of agile ways to any industry and area of any type of organisation.

— Taught by Dr. Alistair Cockburn —

This interactive 2-days workshop is pure agile, for all job titles, all industries. It sets the standard for entry-level learning, and re-establishes the subtle aspects of agile development for beginner and intermediate practitioners.


  • 22nd & 23rd of May, 2019


  • Brussels


In this course, learn

  • what is and isn’t agile, how the decorations on agile arose;
  • how teamwork, communication & frequent delivery affect your project
  • useful techniques to apply yourself.


  • Beginner and Intermediate.

Who Should Attend:

  • Job titles in any industry, people looking to understand the essential concepts and techniques of agile development, independent of any branded methodology.

Course goal for attendees:

  • Why agile works, the central principles of agile development
  • The “Heart of Agile”: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve
  • How to do incremental, value-based development
  • How it fits with Scrum and non-Scrum approaches
  • How to improve team habits
  • Current topics in the agile world: Lean Startup, Guest Leadership

Extended description

Attend this course from one of the founders of the agile movement to understand what is and what isn’t agile development; to develop a feeling for how teamwork, communication, customer interaction and continuous improvement affect your project; to understand how your locally tailored way of working fits with Scrum and non-Scrum approaches; and gather a few techniques to take home and use immediately.

This course replaces the ornate and complicated rules of the different agile approaches including Scrum with an emphasis on the four basic elements of good agile development: Collaborating, Delivering, Reflecting, Improving.

The course serves to introduce agile development to people in any role in any industry. It is pure agile. The course has developed and evolved over a fifteen-year period, incorporating insights from different curricula and different schools. As such, it is suitable for people working in Scrum-based organisations, as well as those using a free-form style of Agile.

The main purpose of the course is to give attendees a deep appreciation for the power of agile development, when done effectively. Each of the core steps, Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve, gets attention, so that the student understand how and why each works and contributes to improved team results.

The course adds just enough theory so that the student has an idea of how and where changes can be made in real-life situations while staying within the agile sweet spot.